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Re: [nafex] fruit for shade

I have some wild blackberries in a spot such as you describe, and they produce
quite well, for plants that have never been cared for at all. The best thing
about them is that they spread the harvest out quite a bit. They didn't have a
ripe berry this year until the rest of the berries were done, but they are still
putting out fresh ripe berries a month after the main crop is done. I expect a
selected cultivator would act in a similar way.

Joyce in Peggs, zone 6/7
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From: Ginda Fisher <ginda@concentric.net>
To: NAFEX <nafex@egroups.com>
Date: Saturday, July 22, 2000 4:00 AM
Subject: [nafex] fruit for shade

>I have very limited sunny space to grow fruit, but I do have a shaded
>area (under oaks) in the back where I'd like to plant some bushes as a
>visual screen.  So I wondered if there are any fruits I could grow
>instead of just planting evergreen shrubs or witch hazel.
>Parts of the back have excellent rich soil (a prior owner tried to grow
>vegetables, and put in a lot of compost) and parts are mixed rocky/loamy
>New England dirt.  There's some scrubby, non-bearing wild blueberry, so
>I assume the native soil is pretty acid.  There's also some non-bearing
>bramble.  (Both flower.)  The area gets no hours of direct sun, but the
>shade is high and light, with dappled spots of full sun throughout the
>day.  It's the top of a hill, so gets excellent drainage, but can be
>Can anyone recommend anything good to eat that might like the spot?
>Since the alternative is no fruit, I wouldn't mind planting something
>that would produce more with more sun, so long as it gets enough light
>to be fairly healthy and produce a little.  I'm willing to irrigate for
>a year or two, but not for the long term.
>Ginda Fisher
>Zone 6
>Eastern Mass.
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