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Re: [nafex] persimmon DV

Hi Bert
    I did a lot DV pers. this year. But I also done a couple of my Almont 
dormant to growing yesterday. You have nothing to lose, except the scions. 
which will not be any good for next year anyhow. What I have left in the 
fridge is either sprouting, moldy or dry. I Always graft to growing. Just 
make sure the trees you are grafting to have been over watered to produce 
pushing of growth.

Hello All
Due to neglect of a lazy gardiner (me) scion of DV are still in frig
Can I graft these dormant scions onto a growing tree now?
Which graft would be the most suitable ?

Bert Dunn   RR4 Tottenham   Ont    zone 4b
temporary website www.sentex.net/~tolenio/hardyg

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