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[nafex] How Fruit Came to America

I just received the Summer 2000 issue from Seed Savers Exchange in which
they have reprinted a National Geographic article from Sept. 1951 by J.R.
Magness, Director of Horticultural Research, USDA.  The article, "How Fruit
Came to America" is extensive and peppered with interesting historical
tidbits.  Plus, there are 24 paintings of fruits--all worthy of framing.

If you are not a member of Seed Savers Exchange, find one and borrow this
issue.  It's a great read.  If you want to subscribe, the $30 ($25 for those
on fixed incomes) annual fee brings you four of these interesting magazines,
seed and scion wood exchange privileges and more.

The summer issue will be sent to all new subscribers through October.
Seed Savers Exchange
3076 N. Winn Rd.
Decorah, IA 52101
(319) 382-5990

Doreen Howard

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