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Re: [nafex] Bud Grafting Timing

At 10:03 AM 07/29/2000 -0700, Derry wrote:
>One important think to pay attention to is whether the terminal bud has set.
>Lon refers to this when he says 'as long as the plant is still active'.
>Look at the rootstock or branch into which you are going to bud and see if 
>is a 'terminal bud' at the end of the branch or rootstock. If there is a 
>bud, you are lowering your chances of success because the plant is not active.

One of the things I was taught to do as part of the routine when 
bud-grafting nut trees in July-Sept is to 'top' the stock 12-18 inches 
above where you've done your graft, or at least remove the terminal 
bud.  This will remove the inhibitory effect exerted by the terminal bud.
Never really gave it much thought when doing the few 
apples/pears/mulberries I've budded in the past.
Lucky Pittman
USDA Zone 6
Hopkinsville, KY

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