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Re: [nafex] [Fwd: Search for Origin of Paducah]

Lucky Pittman wrote:

> I'm afraid I can't offer much, if Ed Fackler, Henry Converse, and John
> Strang don't have the info, but James & Bernice Lawson, at Ball Ground, GA
> offer Paducah(Paduckah) from their nursery.  Their description is as follows:
> "These are very hardy trees that are resisstant to many diseases that
> attack apples.  It is a very fine summer apple and one of the best.  It
> holds up real well for a summer apple and is excellent for eating fresh or
> for cooking."

     My response----------

      As grown here, this apple wasn't that great, nor did it have noticable
resistances to anything.
     Other names for it I believe are 'Paduckah' and 'Tulpohaukin' ( or something
     Here, it was very large, summer ripening (late July), medium red, with
mediocre quality.  Nice tree habit as I recall.

     Hope this helps.

Ed, So. Indiana, heaven, etc.

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