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Re: [nafex] Weak Grape Cuttinings

I second Lon's recommendation to use mycorrhizae.  I, too, am a grape
novice.  But, every cutting that I have started (after callusing them) has
grown into a vigorous plant with a heavy root system.  I dust the callus
with mycorrhizae, fill a 1-gallon can with good soil (potting mix or garden
stuff that is very light), poke a deep hole with dowel and put the cutting
into it.  I then push the soil around the cutting, water well and set
outside in the shade until I see buds break.  Or, if I'm doing this when the
weather is cold, I set the cans near a south-facing window (about 4 feet
back) until I see buds break.  Then the can goes next to the window.  Lon
also has instructions on how to use a heating mat to get cuttings to root,
but I've never had to use bottom heat, and I live in a cold climate.  One of
the callused cuttings this year was even stuck in a vegetable bed, because I
ran out of cans.  It rooted on its own, even with freezing nights.  The
mycorrhizae seems to make the difference.
Just my experiences.
Doreen Howard
Zone 4b-Wisconsin, where the maples are coloring, the birch are yellowing
and the mums are blooming.  Can Fall be this early????

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Date: Monday, August 14, 2000 9:47 AM
Subject: [nafex] Weak Grape Cuttinings

>I am a first time grape cutting grower, and I must have done soemthing
>I started the cuttings early spring, and a couple of them still have just
>one or two leaves, and the root system in tiny.
>I used Pro-Mix seed starter as the growth medium.  The cuttings were kept
>moist and I followed all the rules, but the cuttings did not thrive (St.
>In repotting them today one had a single root may 1.5" long and two leaves
>about 1" across.  The other had the smae size leaves, but the root was
>just an 1/8th" long.
>It was most likely foolish, but I repotted them anyway in well composted
>sheep manure (top soil like), mixed with a small amount of Pro-Mix (seed
>starter medium) to lighten it up a bit.
>I hold little hope for them, but what have I done wrong.
>I threw one away that had the 1" leaves, but NO roots at all since
>February, which I find hard to believe the leaves lasted this long.
>Thomas Olenio
>Ontario, Hardiness Zone 6a

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