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Re: [nafex] Mandarin Melon Berry?


Not sure of the actual variety of this plant or the quality but one thing I
do know is Oregon Exotics is having a real hard time filling orders and may
go chapter 11... Better, you try to call 1st and ask Mila about availability.
I have a standing order since last October almost $300.- yet to receive.
I dropped almost a 1,000.- since October with them and citrus sticks for 35
a pop is ridiculous. I also got scale and mites and sciarid flies from their
Be very leery of them. If you can secure what you are interested in at
another source, I recommend using that venue completely.
If you do use "OE" let us know how you make out.

Best wishes,

Gene Spears wrote:
>       I'm thinking of purchasing a "Mandarin Melon Berry" (no scientific
> name given) from Oregon Exotics - actually 2, since the males & females are
> separate.  They're pretty expensive though ($25 each) & I wanted to see if
> anyone has first-hand experience with the trees.  As always, the catalog
> description sounds very nice ("sweet, papaya melon flavor", "supple skin &
> flesh is melting", "spectacular"), but when $50 is involved, I'd like some
> 2nd opinions.
>       I'm also considering a tuber-producing plant "Yacon" (Polymnia
> sonchifolia).  Any feedback on this plant?
> gene
> spears@lmc.edu
> western NC, 4000 ft, zone 6 - cool & usually wet
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