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Re: [nafex] Green Gage Plums

See - this is the problem.  There isn't one Green Gage - there are myriads
of them.  It's very common for them to be grown from seed and with so many
seedlings out there, some are bound to be better than others.  It's finding
the truly good ones that is hard.  
    I had the Luther Burbank "Pearl" which is supposed to be one of the best
Gage types and it was a disappointment.  It DID have more acid, so the
flavor was better, but it was shy bearing, stringy, and very prone to brown
rot of the fruit.  It died and I didn't bother to replant it - other plums
in my collection were better.
  This would be a good project for NAFEX - to sort out some really GOOD Gage
types and get them commercially propagated.
-Lon Rombough
Grapes, unusual fruits, writing, more, at http://www.hevanet.com/lonrom

>From: davidu9999@aol.com
>To: nafex@egroups.com
>Subject: Re: [nafex] Green Gage Plums
>Date: Tue, Aug 22, 2000, 8:25 AM

>I vote for Green Gage.  I have a young tree grafted from a mature tree I 
>found near a friends' home.  Having grown and fruited over 100 varieties of 
>plums (while in Mississippi), I rate this as a "keeper".  May not be green 
>gage but it matches the Plums of New York description.
>David Ulmer
>Sebastopol, CA
>USDA zone 8-9
>p.s. I never grew Green Gage in Mississippi as the Europeans don't do well in 
>the deep south.

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