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[nafex] germinating seeds

Lon, thanks for such detailed directions.

Could I also use the same technique for germinating Blue Elderberry?

>From Lon- Clean the seed by blending the berries in a blender and add 
more water to float off the debris.  Spread the seed on paper to dry.  
The seed can be sown with no stratification.  Prepare a flat or pot and 
firm the soil down. Put on thin layer of peat, moisten and tamp it 
smooth.  Sprinkle the seed over it and "dust" it with more peat, and 
mist the peat.  Cover the flat/pot with glass or plastic to hold 
humidity and keep it around 70 F.  The seedlings are so tiny when they 
come up you won't see anything but a greening of the surface of the 
soil, as though there was algae on it.  Look with a magnifying glass to 
see the little seed leaves.  Water with something gentle, use dilute 
liquid fish.  When the seedlings have their second to third true leaves 
you can begin carefully pricking them out with toothpick and pot them up 
individually.  If you can, use a little soil from an established plant 
in the mix to insure that the seedlings get the mycorrhizal fungi that 
associates with the roots - the little plants need it.

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