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Re: [nafex] Green Gage Plums

I can't really believe I'm really seeing this discussion, as the difference
between Japanese and European plum trees is very obvious once you've seen a
few.  The Europeans have a flat oval leathery dark green leaf.  The Japanese
and American plums have a longer thinner leaf with a pointy tip, more the
shape and texture of a peach leaf.   Often the midrib curves backward.
European plums are usually freestones.  Japanese and American plums are
usually clings, and often the flesh gets quite tart toward the pit.  Shiro
and Methley are Japanese, Stanley and Green Gage are European.   I'm no
expert, and my European plums haven't cropped YET (I left some behind 12
years ago that cropped afterwards, so I am starting over), but I have sure
eaten a lot of plums out of other people's backyards.   Donna

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