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[nafex] Re: Mulberry Tree

--- In nafex@egroups.com, jrbrow3@p... wrote:
> My Mulberry Tree is dying and I don't know how to save it.
> I planted the IL Everbearing tree (grafted)this spring.  Within the 
> last week the leaves have wilted, turned yellow and are now
> turning black.  I've had no problems till last week.  The tree
> is approx 5 feet tall and it is planted on a gentle slope.  I've
> had no problems with any of my other trees - apple, pear, persimmon.
> I live in zone 6 - Central KY.  Any suggestions??  Thanks
> - Joe Brown

Could it have been damaged by lawnmower or weedwacker?   

Has anything about its growing conditions changed?  Has it had less 
rain or watering than earlier in the season? Or more?

Or has there been greater heat?  (I assume no frost at this point).

I've had plants fail but usually it's at the peak of summer (i.e. 
heat/water stress + weak plant).  I usually haven't had a definitive 

If *all* the leaves have already wilted and turned black I wouldn't 
hold up much hope for its survival.

Chris Mauchline
SE PA, zone 6

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