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Re: [nafex] Re: Bud Grafting

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Parafilm is an excellent material that does not have the potential to
start fires and cause either human or plant tissue to be damaged by high
wax temperatures.

The problem seems to be the difficulty in obtaining small quantities of
parafilm cut into 1/2 inch strips. The parafilm obtained from medical
supply outlets is 4 inches wide and the cost is prohibitive unless
people pool their money to purchase a roll and somehow divide it.

A local firm in Fallbrook, CA had the 4 inch rolls cut into 1/2 rolls as
a customer service for local avocado growers top working their trees in
the orchard.

I have not seen any horticultural supply mail order sources listing
parafilm. It really works and makes the entire process much more

Where tension is required to apply pressure to keep the plant tissue
together, I use budding rubber strips or green plastic tie tape over the
parafilm as parafilm is very elastic.

Claude Sweet
San Diego, CA