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[nafex] (unknown)

Tops for me would be, in order of best to excellent:

Honeycrisp (leaps and bounds better than any other I've tasted)
Ashmead's Kernel
Belle de Boskoop
Fully ripened Granny Smith (w/ rosy blush)
Local unidentified sweet apple
Golden Nugget
Chestnut Crab

(Don't care for Spitz, Cox O, WSNF, never had a good one of these, 
perhaps its our climate. Wolf River to me is a very poor dessert 
apple, however, I have heard that its quality varies greatly with 
Haven't tried Knobbed Russet, MN 447, Zestar, Hawkeye, Foxwhelp, from 
what I gather, these  might otherwise be in there also.

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