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[nafex] Was: Apple Recom; Now: Is This Black Gilliflower

Thanks everyone for all the apple suggestions!  I'm going to have fun
photographing and eating my way through all your suggestions.  I have
contacted Jill Vorbeck and will be getting some apples from Applesource to
photograph.  BTW, Ed Fackler, it was Jill who said that I had Black
Gilliflower.  I bought it at Appleberry Farms near Madison, WI, and it was
labeled Sheepnose.  Jill said that there wasn't a Sheepnose variety, and it
was probably Black Gilliflower.  Comments, anyone??  It's a pretty apple
(green and dark red stripes), sheep nose shape and has wonderful
taste--slightly sweet, crisp, almost juicy and has a clean finish.
Doreen Howard

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