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[nafex] Apple Rcommendations

Sorry group for my lack of subject headings lately, trying to get 
used to posting from the archives rather than my inbox.
Ed said that Honeycrisp was great for those who equate flavor with 
its wonderful texture.
I won't take that as a cut Ed but rather a comment that we all have 
our different tastes. Which brings me to the subject once again of 
terms used to describe quality in foods.
About a year ago I tried to get us going on a discussion about these 
terms but the spark that I tried to light didn't ignite. I've 
realized that there are differing reasons for sparks fizzling out in 
discussion groups 
out depending on the topic, sometimes its because no one knows, or 
its too complex to put down in a few words, or because it was 
recently hashed over, or because no one cares, or because it takes to 
long to write down etc.. I think that in 
the case of "terms descibing fruit quality", the reason we haven't 
gone over it is because it is complex. This I learned while reading a 
wine book and the terms describing wine which are often used to 
describe apples: flavor, aroma, mouth feel, taste. I really think 
that we should clarify these terms at some point in our NAFEX  lives, 
otherwise, I really don't know what a person means when they use 
them, I wonder: are they using them as we do in everyday language or 
are they using them more precisely like a wine taster would. I must 
say that it 
is really frustrating to read books describing apples which seem to 
toss these terms all over the place with no real clear indication of 
what the terms mean, no preface or glossary. I would think that this 
would be the first thing an author should do when writing on the 
I will take it upon myself to try to understand these terms from the 
books I can find here in Madison,  and post my summary IF the rest of 
you agree that it would be useful. 
PS I would agree that Sweet Sixteen should be on any list. I have 
noticed that Ed F seems to rate the suttle "aromas" that some apples 
have as more significant than I do. I do disagree that Honeycrisp has 
only texture going for it, I suspect it is that Mouth feel thing that 
I don't really understand but I believe involves texture and flavor 
and maybe other things. You see, whats the use in going on unless 
we're on common ground with these terms? 

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