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Re: [nafex] Aligning the dominant root (not apples)

> Michael and Nancy Phillips wrote:
> This growing tip was given me at a recent conference from an old-time
> South Carolina peach grower: Nursery stock when barerooted for
> planting exhibits a definite dominant (lateral) root. Supposedly this
> root grew in response to the magnetic field of the earth. Trees
> planted out in the orchard with this dominant root aligned towards the
> magnetic pole will assure the tree continues to grow in alignment with
> the sun the same way it did in the nursery. This fellow swore such
> planted trees took off far, far better. Makes sense to me. What do you
> all think?

I think it makes too much of planting trees.  I think there is more
value in pointing the strongest roots into the direction of the
prevailing wind.  But honestly, even this advice is of dubious value as
strong winds can come from any direction, especially during the storms
that would soften the ground.

Regarding magnetic fields:
The USSR studied the effects of magnetic fields on living
beings....atomic blasts are accompanied by strong electromagnetic
pulses, so this was important Cold War research.  The lab in question
placed a chicken's head (still attached to a live chicken) between the
poles of an extremely strong electo-magnet.  Contrary to all published
research, the chicken showed signs of distress when the Gauss level
reached a certain point.  Before publishing the results, the lab called
the Head Scientist for Survivability to observe a demonstrate of the
hither-to-for, never observed phenomena.  After watching, the head
scientist borrowed a screwdriver and tightened the clamp that was
holding one of the pieces of iron that focused the magnetic field in the
vicinity of the chicken's head.  The paper was never published.

                                                     -Joe Hecksel
                                                      Eaton Rapids,

Mother Nature compensates small-brained people by giving them large

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