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[nafex] Re: Forward this message too.

Dear Folks:

I received this from Dr. Parmar and am following his wishes,
Best wishes,

> "Dr. Chiranjit Parmar" wrote:
> Dear John,
> Please forward the following message to NAFEX, for some reason
> my messages will not get through.
> 6 October, 2000.
> Dear list members,
> I was very sorry to note that one of my messages was interpreted by some members as Spam
> mail.  I had sent this message as my usual intention of promoting lesser known,
> underexploited useful plants which I am doing for the past several years and which is very
> much within the primary objectives of NAFEX.
> I am a member of NAFEX for the past 13 years.  I am the NAFEX consultant for Central Asia
> and every month keep receiving 3-4 letters from members seeking information about such
> plants.  I reply such letters religiously and try to do my best to provide the requisite
> information.  I have a few hundred letters in my files which I have received from NAFEX
> members during all these years.  The e-mail has come very recently in India.  Earlier it
> was all by postal mail.
> I have written some articles on Himalayan wild fruits in POMONA which evoked great
> response from readers.  I received hundreds of letters from readers(My wife calls these
> lessers my fan mail).   I have supplied seeds of new fruits to several growers in the US
> and I am pleased to learn that the plants from them have started bearing fruits.
> I do not know what "disappointing experience" did Mr. Hector Black have with me.  I have
> atleast 500 letters of appreciation and thanks from NAFEX members.
> Mr. Black feels that I do it for a fee.  Yes I do ask for a personal check for five
> dollars(the currency is stolen) to cover the collection and forwarding costs of the
> seeds.  Let Mr. Black know that this personal check for five dollars is sent by my bank at
> Mandi to the bank of its origin in the US for clearing and then it comes back to Mandi
> from there.  This process takes minimum three months.  The banks deduct a charge for the
> to and fro postage(By registered post) and collection charge.  Nearly 4 dollars are gone
> in this process and I get one dollar after three months.  Then I send replacements to many
> whose seed are lost in transit or even where the germination fails.  There are instances
> where I have sent seeds to single person upto three times.
> Moreover the fruits whose seed I send, do not grow in my garden.  These are mostly wild
> growing plants and I have arrange their collection through paid workers.  Is one dollar
> too high a fee for this?  Do you still think that I am acting commercial?
> I think the problem arose with the format of this particular e-mail which looked like an
> advertisement.  From my side, I wanted to make to more brief, simple and communicative but
> some persons thought that I was advertising my products.
> With my best regards to all list members,
> Dr. Chiranjit Parmar
> Horticultural Consultant on Lesser Known Indian Plants
> 186/3 Jail Road
> Mandi  HP  175 001  INDIA
> Phone;(01905)22810  Fax:(01905)25419
> E-mail: parmarch@vsnl.com

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