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Re: [nafex] Non-apple inquiry

Take a look at www.fallcreeknursery.com very informative and a good source
for blueberries and lingonberries, though not Canadian.

Mark Garrison

Gord Hawkes wrote:
> Greetings all!  We are thinking of planting approximately 200 each of zone
> hardy blueberries (half high), lingonberries, jostaberries, raspberries
> blackberries.  Not only must they be able to withstand our wild
> winters, but we are looking for good tasting fruit (subjective I realize).
> Any suggestions on varieties and nurseries (Canadian preferred)?
> Best regards,
> Gord Hawkes
> Log Cabin Orchard
> Osgoode, Ontario, Canada (eh?)
> www.osgoodevillage.com/logcabinorchard

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