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[nafex] Mycorrhizae (not on apples)

Hello all:

Discovery magazine had an article on truffles.  $200/pound!!!! That is
$650/kg Canadian!!!!  The French versions grow on hazelnut and oak
roots.  The West Coast variant grow on Douglas Fir roots.  They are a
mycorrhizae.  Does anybody have any experience with them?  Does anybody
know of a low cost source of viable spore?  The only source I saw wanted
$50 for enough to inoculate 1,000,000 Douglas Fir seedlings.  I would
rather have the hazel/oak type.


                                                     -Joe Hecksel
                                                      Eaton Rapids,

The appeal of cults is that they have all the answers.  
The appeal of religion is that it teaches us how to ask the right

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