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[nafex] Rex begonia

My first grader is doing a seed propagation project.
Please comment on how to improve the plant growing:

We started 120 rex begonia hybrid. from seed (Park Seed
Mixed lot with seemingly several types in the package
In a dome gh/flat. (Park Seed Mini-dome): Styrofoam seed
tray (60/flat) in a pan for water/fertilizer

Seed planted end of August (7 weeks)
Soil is sterilized soil / humus
Day temp 75-80F
Night temp 60-75F
Aux lights 13 hours (florescent 25W high output=100W
Fertilize @ Parks recommended dose of all purpose fertilizer
At this point we have about half of the plants growing but
only about 40 out of 120 planted seem to be good quality.

The seeds are slow to grow. Half are growing relatively fast
and other half are about 2-3 weeks behind.
Some of the seed places had developed a green slime but did
not seem to affect the plant growth.
About 10 seed places developed a white fungus type growth.
We treated with mild Clorox applied by paint brush. White
disappeared by came back after a week. Some of the plants in
those spots seem weak.

For a few days we removed the dome and found that many of
the leafs drooped.
After replacing the dome the plants are coming back

Do you have recommendations to improve the plants and to
control the fungus


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