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Re: [nafex] source of trees and brambles...

Another good source of northern edible plants is St. Lawrence Nurseries,
in upstate New York.  They are right next to the Canadian border, but
don't generally ship to Canada due to the high cost of inspection.  They
say they will, though, if you contact them well in advance and foot the
bill.  They can be reached at:


They also have an excellent catalog, which is currently on-line at:


They are in zone 3, and may not carry some stock that would do fine in
zone 5.


> My favorite place is FEDCO, as we are in zone 3/4. Their catalog is better
> than some books ;-)
> FEDCO Trees  PO Box 520  Waterville, ME  04903-0520
> They don't have much of a website yet, but you can e-mail them at
> ftrees@mint.net
> http://www.fedcoseeds.com/AboutFedco.htm
> Wendy
> Peace and Carrots Farm
> Calais, Vermont
> wsm311@aol.com
> http://www.homestead.com/peaceandcarrots/

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