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Re: [nafex] Ancient Apple Varieties

I have already had an import permit to get pear material from the NCGR in
Corvallis, Oregon. It is not that difficult to get as long as the organism
that will send the material has a good reputation with Ag.Canada and can
provide a phytosanitary certificate insuring that the stock is free of
virus and other bad things. You cannot use an import permit to get stock
from a friend that lives across the border... If I remember well, the cost
is about 20$.
Claude, Quebec.

A 20:37 00.10.17 -0400, vous avez écrit :
>import permit from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency will be required to
>get plant material over the border."
>I already have requested the proper documents and permits from the Canadian
>Food Inspection Agency.
>I am sure it will be a fun tour of paperwork.

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