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Re: [nafex] Cherry tree

This is all I could find......

 An easier to manage Montmorency with a naturally spurry, open growth habit 
that lets more light into the tree.  Fruiting limbs are wide angled, strong, 
stocky, and develop vigorous spurs along the total length.  The better light 
intensity within the tree helps develop and maintain the strong spur system, 
resulting in heavier, more consistent cropping.  The Galaxy tree is normal 
size, yet the stocky open growth habit results in a tree that shakes well, 
requires less pruning, and is easier to maintain.  Galaxy retains all the 
regular Montmorency characteristics of quality, size, and processing, as well 
as bloom and maturity dates. 
Tart Cherries are at first white, isolated trees have open flowers.. 'Galaxy' 
is beginning to bloom.                 

Peace and Carrots Farm
Calais, Vermont

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