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Re: [nafex] Doughnut peach

Betty:  The doughnut peach also goes by the name "Saturn".  It may have other
names as well.  I know that it is commercially available as nursery stock, but
I just don't recall at the moment where I have seen it.  It occasionally
appears at our local produce markets here in N. Virginia.  I have not tried it,
but my daughter has, and she was very complimentary of its flavor.  I'm sure
you will hear more about it from PNW Nafexers, since I believe it is more
common out there.  Rgds, Don Yellman, Great Falls, VA

Betty Mayfield wrote:

> To the list:
> A friend said that last summer she had bought a very good tasting peach at
> a produce store in western Washington which was called a "doughnut peach."
> She said it was flat in shape, with an indentation in the center as if the
> pit were in the hole in a doughnut.
> I cannot find this name in the national germplasm repository list. Could it
> just be a nickname for some other peach? She said it was one of the best
> tasting peaches she had eaten.
> Betty Mayfield

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