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Re: [nafex] Doughnut peach

 Doughnut peach

This peach is out of this world

Donut Peach 

DOUGHNUT WHITE PEACH (Stark Saturn) Also called Saucer or Peento Peach. 
Unique white-fleshed fruit with a sunken center (shaped like a doughnut). 
Sweet, with a mild flavor described by some as almond-like. Ripens late 
June/early July in Central Calif. Estimates chilling requirement, approx. 
4-500 hours. Self-fruitful

DONUT PEACH: There is a new peach just coming into production from California 
and Washington. Some people may remember the Chinese Flat Peach. 
The Donut Peach resembles the Flat Peach.. It's flat, with a sunken center. 
It has a wonderful yellow color with a red blush on the outside. And it is 
white flesh inside. Full of sugar and juice. It may be called a Donut Peach, 
but this won't put a lot of pounds on you. It may, however, get juice all 
down your arm. This is definitely a peach to roll up your sleeves with. Peak 
supplies from Washington will be in mid-July.  

Donut Peach 
A descendant of the flat peaches of China. First grown in America in the 
1800's. Up to 3 1/2 inches in diameter, it is flat, round, and drawn in at 
the center. The skin is pale yellow with a red blush. The pit (free-stone 
variety) is about the size of a pistachio nut. The flesh is white. Sweet 
peach flavor; very juicy. 

Choose peaches that are free from brown spots. Like regular peaches, ripen at 
room temperature until soft to the touch. 

Keep at room temperature until ripe, then refrigerate. 

Uses & Preparation: 

Use these any way you would a regular peach. 
Eat out of hand. 
Add to fruit salads. 
Mid-August from California. 

Nutrition Information: 

Fat, saturated fat, sodium, and cholesterol free 
High in vitamins A and C 

Peace and Carrots Farm

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