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Re: [nafex] Doughnut peach

In a message dated 10/29/00 9:32:27 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
bmayfield@columbia-center.org writes:

<< After getting your identification of the Saturn as the "doughnut peach" I
 decided to surf with a search engine and came up with a page of the Bay
 Laurel Nursery in  Atascadero, Calif.
 Their catalog had two listings which had Saturn in the name, but they are
 completely different varieties. I will copy and paste their descriptions: >>


The Dave Wilson tree I bought was tagged "Donut (Stark's Saturn)", I think to 
avoid confusion.  I'll give a strong endorsement of Bay Laurel Nursery.  
These folks have been very supportive of  fruit growers in our area and the 
CRFG.  They are the main source of Dave Wilson trees via mail order.  They 
don't grow their own trees, tho.

David Ulmer
Sebastopol, CA

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