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RE: [nafex] WashPost Article

The library I work for has access to an online version of the Washington
Post  and I was able to locate the full-text of the article on peach growing
that Don mentioned, so my guess is his article  will be online also.  

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From: Don Yellman [mailto:dyellman@earthlink.net]
Sent: Tuesday, November 07, 2000 11:26 AM
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Subject: [nafex] WashPost Article

1.  On Nov. 9 (Thursday) an article will appear in the "Home" section of
the Washington Post on the subject of apple growing for beginners and
hobbyists, written by Post garden editor Adrian Higgins.

2.  Several months ago I wrote Mr. Higgins a letter following an article
on peach growing, and invited him to visit my little orchard at his
convenience.  He came out last week, and we spent several hours walking
the orchard and discussing many aspects of fruit growing.  He knew Ed
Fackler (who doesn't?), and had consulted with Ed at some time in the
past.  They sent out a photographer, and I duly posed in a pruning
situation, although I'm not really pruning at this point.

3.  I tried to convey to Mr. Higgins that, unlike many ornamental
plantings, fruit trees require a minimum level of care to produce
something you can be proud of, and, on several occasions, told him how
valuable Nafex has been to me, and how helpful the Nafex network
(especially the msg board) would be to any beginner.  I supplied him
with an issue of "Pomona", and a number of nursery catalogs from my
collection, and there is cause for hope that we will get at least an
honorable mention of Nafex in the article.

4.  The Washington Post is considered to be a national newspaper, but I
don't think the Home section is distributed outside the immediate
Washington/Maryland/Virginia area.  Nevertheless, we might get a few new
member inquiries out of this incident.  For those who live in this area,
check it out before using the Home section to start the fire.

Best Rgds, Don Yellman, Great Falls, VA

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