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Re: [nafex] Two apple questions

Nick was still in business this spring.
I bought a bunch of scions from him.
He is not on line as I asked him to E-mail me if he was and his mail reply did
not show any E-mail address.

Don Yellman wrote:

> Ginda:
> 1.  In my orchard, with nearly 3 doz. varieties, there are always some that
> drop their leaves before others.  I just chalk this up to nature's plan.
> Winter will put your little Jonathan into dormancy, when it comes.  Here in
> Virginia, we are still waiting for cold weather, but I'm sure it will arrive
> eventually.
> 2.  On the Barbara Ann crab, Nick Botner, who collects and sells hundreds of
> heirloom varieties carries it on his list --- or at least he did three years
> ago when I got my latest list from him.  I am not sure that Nick is still in
> the business, although maybe one of our distinguished members from PNW would
> know.  From year to year, Nick does not have all his varieties on rootstocks
> for sale, but he also sells scionwood, and I think he would do custom
> grafting if asked to do so.  Nick is at 4015 Eagle Valley Rd., Yoncalla, OR
> 97499, tel. 541-849-2781.  Nick was not online when I last purchased trees
> from him in 1997, but he may be by now.
> Best Rgds, Don Yellman, Great Falls, VA.
> Ginda Fisher wrote:
> > 1)  The baby Jonathan I put in this spring is still in green leaf.  My
> > two matures crabs have almost finished dropping their leaves.  Should I
> > be worried about the Jonathan?  If so, is there anything I can do to
> > encourage it to go dormant?
> >
> > 2)  (a little off topic)  Does anyone know a source for a crabapple
> > named "Barbara Ann"?  My uncle would like one, partly for its name.  I
> > would prefer a tree, but if I can't find that, I'd be interested in
> > scion wood.  I think Geneva used to sell it.  also, does anyone know
> > anything about this crabapple?
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Ginda Fisher
> > zone 6
> >
> > (but looking for a tree for zone 4 or 5)
> >

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