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Re: [nafex] Peach flavor


Many thanks for the info.  I do have one large compost pile that has been 
"cooking" for two years.  It is spent hay and horse manure and should be 
just right to spread in the spring.  As for my PH I have not tested it.  The 
orchard was fully established when I purchased the land and had not been 
worked in many years.  Last year I used an orchard spray 4 times through the 
season and had about 80 percent useable fruit.  To my knowledge no type of 
fertilizer has been placed on the orchard in excess of ten years.  This year 
I did not spray and lost the crop (most apples included).  My normal rain 
pattern has been a wet spring followed by a dry summer.  My concord grapes 
seem to love it as they produce in abundance and are very sweet.  This year 
was wetter than normal throughout the spring and summer.  The grapes 
produced well but had poor flavor, including a bitter skin.  Again many 
thanks for your information.

Ward Barnes

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