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[nafex] Kaki pesimmon leaf color and winter survival

>From several years of evaluation in the mid-1990's at Professor Shank's kaki
persimmon orchard on the Northern eastern shore of Maryland (planted in the
1960's) I can tell you that you might be interested the Hagakushi persimmon.
 Out of the several dozen cultivars it was the only one which I, usually
oblivious to "nonfunctional" beauty, noted the "prettiest red leaves".  

Despite some winter damage, the tree was fairly large for a kaki persimmon. 
I would guess the orchard site was Zone 7, with occasional dips below zero
farenheit.  Additionally, the fruit of Hagakushi was the absolute
longest-keeping of all several dozen surviving cultivars, quite helpful in
my goal of having my own fresh fruit year round.  Taste, however, was
blander than most kakis.  The fruit was beautiful.

Before people ask, I don't have Hagakushi at my orchard, as I have done
miseably at trying to graft persimmons.  If anybody has Hagakushi trees to
sell, let me know!

David Consolvo
Hungrytown, Virginia
Zone 7

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>Date: Tue, Nov 14, 2000, 9:44 AM

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>Hello Joe,
>Sorry to say I know of no D. virginiana males that have good fall
>colors. If fact no virginiana females really have good fall colors
>either. Typically they trun from green to pale yellow then drop.  Some
>turn slightly maroon before frosts. Kaki persimmons have good color
>and the one at my rear south door is bright red, orange and green
>right now. Several people have commented about it's brilliant colors.
>Problem is, kaki persimmon will not likely last long at your location,
>mine neither. Typically, kaki will not live many years where the
>winter temps. can dip to 0 and below.
>Sorry to bear such disappointing information.
>Jerry Lehman
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