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Re: [nafex] Pyrodwarf Rootstock

Hello Jim:

Do you happen to know if anybody has ever played around with mounding
pea-gravel around the portion of rootstock that sticks out of the
ground?  Or, to get more benefit from any snow, planted the union
below the original surface and poured a 2" to 4" (50mm-to-100mm) deep
collar of pea-gravel around the stem?

I firmly believe that almost all good ideas have already been thought
up and tried.  Mostly we are too lazy (or don't know how) to chase
down the person who has the information we need.

<Jim wrote>
> Here's a wet blanket on quince as pear rootstocks:  I've tested a
good many quince clones, and every one, including EM Quince C, has
proved quite susceptible to fire blight.  Of course, not all quince
produce suckers

>  A second blanket, not even a damp one for zone 9, is that quinces
are quite winter-tender.

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