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Re: [nafex] Re: Alternate Tools (or) On the cheap.

For those that want to enlarge on their knowledge of stainless you can read up
on a simplyfied  synopsis of it in Marks Handbook for Mechanical Engineers.
Alloys that contain 20% to 30% Nickle are non magnetic.

Tom Volkening wrote:

> I don't want to start a flame war here but some of the information in Mr.
> Olson's message is wrong. I can't tell you about the magnetic properties of
> various grades of stainless steel but I assume that the amount and kind of
> elements added to the steel would effect it's magnetic properties.  However,
> there is no such thing as stainless steel without iron in it or "non ferrous
> stainless steel".  All steels are primarily iron.  Here are general
> definitions for steel and stainless steel taken from one of the reference
> books in the Engineering Library where I work.
> "Iron containing more than 0.15 percent by weight of carbon chemically
> combined is normally termed steel."
> "Stainless steel is a family of iron-chromium-based alloys, which are
> essentially low-carbon steel alloys that contain a percentage of chromium
> above 10.5 percent by weight.
> Cardarelli, Francois. Materials Handbook: a Concise Desktop Reference, New
> York:Springer-Verlag, 2000.
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> Sorry guys, You have the magnetic properties of the various steels reversed.
> A super shiney surgical stainless will NOT stick to a magnet. A "lesser
> quality"
> stainless will exhibit some magnetic properties; a high carbon stainless
> will
> likely stick even more since you can't get carbon into a totally non ferrous
> stainless steel.
> This all relates to their intended uses.  A blade likely should contain some
> iron so it will harden and hold an edge...but will stain more.  I use
> stainless scalpels which are sharp at the get-go ,but the really good ones
> are mostly carbon steel and are not stainless.
> If you have pots that don't stick to a magnet, they are the quality you seek
> in a pot for processing fruits....they are the " high quality"
> stainless....with no iron.
> I find that I can still taste the metal in the final product if left any
> amount of time
> (such as overnight to cool)...so remove the processed fruit to a glass
> container as soon as possible.
> Karl Olson

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