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Re: [nafex] Big 4 Commercial Pears

Doreen Howard wrote:

> After researching heirloom pears for several weeks and interviewing 4
> growers of the same, I have a burning question that you experts may be able
> to answer.  Why are the big 4 commercial pear varieties--Bartlett, Bosc,
> Anjou and Comice-- a couple of centuries old?  One would think that hybrids
> with their improved disease resistance, etc. would have replaced these
> heirloom varieties.  Is it taste?  Is it lack of imagination?  Or what?
> Please venture forth with your opinions.

     My response---------

     In our experience, the single biggest problem with pear (and most all raw
food products) is simply the American masses collective lack of imagination.
Or, perhaps better worded, a very poorly defined criteria of what constitutes
"taste".  The popularity of fast-food burgers, America's favorite beer, etc.
are expressions of this in my view.
     Also, the pear (and to a great extent, the apple) industry has done a very
poor job in the marketing process (compared to Budweiser, McDonalds, etc.).
     When we operated a retail store, I was forever amazed by what appeared to
be intelligent folks being near totally influenced by cosmetics.
     Ed, So. Indiana, heaven, etc.

> Doreen Howard
> In Wisconsin, where it's snowing and snowing.

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