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Re: [nafex] [Fwd: Book on Himalayan Wild Fruits.]

Ward Barnes wrote:

While I feel that Dr. Parmar's work is of value and it should be an 
interesting read, I too consider it outside the venue of this interest 

In the past two weeks I received his letter via snail mail.  I don't know

how he got hold of my home address.  I hope it was not through NAFEX, but
may have been as my home address was listed in a back copy of our
It may have also come from one of my e-mails to this board.

My reply:

After reading the above I thought you might be interested in knowing that
the Board of Directors for NAFEX has expressed an interest in publishing
the membership roster, including addresses directly in POMONA.  Before I
resigned, I believe I was the lone voice of dissent on this issue. I
believe this to be an unjustified, reprehensible breach of privacy, which
subjugates members to a variety of perils and personal inconvenience.    

I might also point out that NAFEX sells rosters, including membership
information.  In light of the fact that NAFEX has been running a surplus
for better than a decade I think it is inappropriate to continue such
activities, as the financial remuneration is not needed and it clearly is
a violation of personal privacy.

In short until the Board of Directors chooses to respect an individuals
right to privacy, anyone can easily obtain your home address and put you
on their mailing list. 

Very truly yours,
                                                Kevin(the fluffy privacy
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