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Re: [nafex] Permaculture

In a message dated 11/23/00 10:59:29 AM, MNFruitGardener@excite.com writes:

<< Hi, Don,
I'd love to see the permaculture letter. I've been adopting permaculture
practices a little at a time...would love to get more info!

Seth Saturn
Mpls, MN >>

Hi Seth:
    Thanks for your interest.  I'll send the letter by separate email.

For Mother Earth, Dan Hemenway, Yankee Permaculture Publications (since 
1982), Elfin Permaculture workshops, lectures, Permaculture Design Courses, 
consulting and permaculture designs (since 1981), and annual correspondence 
courses via email.  Join our current online course, in progress. Copyright, 
2000, Dan & Cynthia Hemenway, P.O. Box 52, Sparr FL 32192 USA  Internships. 
We don't have time to rush.

A list by topic of all Yankee Permaculture titles may be found at 

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