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Re: [nafex] apple over peach

In a message dated 11/27/00 9:24:55 AM, jmc1@epix.net writes:

<< First I'd be wondering whether the basic problem was fall planting.  Might
your late peach trees have been set into clay?  Too often we dig a hole
plant the tree, fill with good soil/compost mix, and walk away.  In clay or
some clay loams, that hole will retain water with little percolation and
the roots literally drown for lack of oxygen.  Berming would help if that
is indeed part of the problem.

As to replanting:  decaying peach roots do leave a toxic residue.  Don't
reuse the soil from that hole.  Apple roots are pretty tolerant, but why
take a chance?

www.cumminsnursery.com >>

At the Fruition Project in Massachusetts, we found that peaches had very poor 
survival rates when fall-planted and did quite well with spring planting.  
Pears, on the other hand, had close to 100 percent survival with fall 
planting and I would never consider spring planting in that climate.  


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