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Re: [nafex] Newsgroups - Fruit

egroups also has Ediblelandscaping and Coolfruit (fruit for temperate
climates) but some of it seemed pretty basic, plus some of the advertised
links are for places that are not good.
Go to the egroups site and look in the gardening section for the groups. 
>From: Naomi Ann Counides <beefalo@rmci.net>
>To: nafex@egroups.com
>Subject: Re: [nafex] Newsgroups - Fruit
>Date: Tue, Nov 28, 2000, 9:06 AM

>I was a member of this group and it had some pretty reasonable  and helpful
>stuff in it till the "junk" became overwhelming.
>Tom Olenio wrote:
>> Hello All,
>> Although newsgroups are somewhat passť, while reading an old
>> Pomana I found a reference to the following news group
>> "alt.agriculture.fruit" and I followed the newsgroup up.
>> Just wanted to let you know that this newsgroup almost seems
>> defunct.  Intermixed with the postings for sex sites and
>> free money there were a mear sprinkling of fruit related
>> posts.  If you want to see what a reasonable group can
>> become when left unattended vist this newsgroup.
>> In searching the newsgroups for "fruit" related groups there
>> were just a few.  Of these "alt.fruit.apples" and
>> "alt.fruit.pears" are totally defunct with no postings at
>> all (not even sex or free money related, not just merely
>> dead, they are quite sincerely dead).
>> Does anyone know of any active, responsible newsgroups
>> dealing with fruit (other than NAFEX of course)?  Have
>> people moved away from newsgroups in such mass that they
>> barely function anymore?  It has been a lot of years since I
>> visited a newsgroup and it did not realize that they were in
>> such a state.
>> Thank goodness for NAFEX and Egroups for being there, and
>> for being such a GREAT resource to the members.
>> Hats off to the moderator of NAFEX!!
>> Regards,
>> Tom
>> --
>> Thomas Olenio
>> Ontario, Canada
>> Hardiness Zone 6a

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