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Re: [nafex] Re" Online Fruit Course

> Tom wrote:
> If it is all already in books why does NAFEX exist at all?
> (tongue firmly
> planted in cheek)
> The problem with being a novice at anything, is that you do
> not know the
> right questions to ask, and this could serve as a great
> vehicle to ground
> the novice in the basics, and clarify points they do not
> understand.
Hey, I am game.  I don't see on-line courses and books as being
mutually exclusive.

Also, I have had experiences where I *thought* I did some task one way
(just like all the authors had written) but in fact did something
entirely different....and it took an astute novice's observation to
make me see it.  Example:  How do you tie off the end of a grafting
strip?  I tuck the end under the last loop, right?  Wrong.  I stretch
the last turn over my thumbnail and then slide it off my thumbnail
over the end of the strip (which I have conveniently pinned down with
my thumb).  Sounds like a little thing but it makes all the
differences in the world.

So I see that an on-line course has the potential to augment books.

                                 -Joe Hecksel,
                                  Eaton Rapids, Michigan

Comfort the afflicted.
Afflict the comfortable.

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