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Re: [nafex] Fall vs. Spring Planting--Redux

I am in zone 3a, north east of the Great Lakes in Canada, and I like transplanting apple trees in the Fall.
Here, trees planted in the Spring need help the first summer and special watering  in case of drought.
 (I plant my apple trees on a south facing sandy slope, on M111 rootstock.)
Trees planted in the Fall don't need special watering in case of drought and do just fine the first summer. 
I have even transplanted trees that had been grafted the previous Spring, in the Fall. Obviously the graft is delicate so care must be taken in handling the tree. The tree is easy to transplant being small. No big hole, a bit of composted old manure, some dolomite spread in the immediate area as the ph is generally low, no watering, no other fuss.
This is the third year that I transplant Spring grafts in the Fall and I have not yet lost a tree, and no other tree transplanted in the Fall for that matter. 
This year, I planted five trees through an inch of snow cover, two weeks ago. The ground was not frozen yet.
Two years ago I transplanted in the Fall a black sour cherry tree, a seedling that a friend gave me, from seeds he brought from Tchecoslovaquia, and it now stands 4 foot tall. A rapid growth for two seasons after transplanting in this climate. By the way, he claims that this variety of cherries reproduce true from seeds.
I have not compared results between Spring and Fall transplanting but,
Late october, early november is definitely my prefered transplanting time for fruit trees, in this climate.
Hélène Dessureault
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Objet : [nafex] Fall vs. Spring Planting--Redux

After reading all the comments about the value of planting such fruits as
currants and blueberries in the fall, I wonder if fruit trees too gain a
season of growth with fall planting.  Do they?  Apples and pears,
specifically?  I've planted peach trees in both spring and fall and had the
same results.  But......this was in a hot climate with 340 day growing
season.  I planted to columnar apple trees in the spring in 1998 in Illinois
and they seemed to do nothing for the entire season.  The following spring,
they took off.  Would I have had gained a year by planting them in fall?
Doreen Howard
Zone 4b--Wisconsin

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