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Re: [nafex] Digest Number 550

>for anyone interested in self-education it is the most fascile & adaptable
>medium most of us have access to.  a lot of folks here have valuable info
>rarely appears in books, but could easily be transferred to the net..
Miekal; I am most definitely a self-educator, and I love my computer
(usually) but I gotta say, books are my first choice- a major reason I chose
to move to (rural) Benton co., so as to be with both a good public and a land
grant U library. Why? For me the "computer interface" is frustrating in the
extreme and doesn't fit my learning pattern; I scan and skim and move fast
and find what I'm after by "feel", rely on visuals alot; of course I don't
have the latest machine- but computer pictures are rude and crude and slow
and I avoid them as much as possible. I'm still learning computers- I guess I
always will be- but it is very evident to me that some of us have brains that
match what's been engineered, better than others. For me, a computer is a
super typewriter. Now if a software engineer could make it more than that for
me- I'd like it, and he might make some money.

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