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Re: [nafex] Online Fruit Course Another Comment

After posting my first response to the idea of a fruit course online, I went 
on to be astonished that  people are actually thinking of using the WEB!  For 
a course to add anything to what is readily availble in the libraries 
(including the one maintained by NAFEX) it needs teacher-student interaction 
such as is possible by email.  This can be done by a listserve, such as this 
one, or by simply using a dedicated email address, which I do in my own 
course.  There is no point in making anything more complex than necessary.  
Existing books can be used, and specific assignments canbe done.  I still 
think something like grafting or simple tree planting technique can be better 
taught live, but it is POSSIBLE to communicate some useful information via 
the Internet to supplement whever direct training one is able to access.  
Personally, I think the web is a dead end in such a discussion.  A CD-ROM on 
the other hand could be produced and used as a supplement to an online 
course.  It would have a market beyond the course, and could thereby help 
mitigate the unfavorable economics.  Again, I'd prefer to see someone just go 
and do it it they are  qualified, and not put our organizaton NAME on it as a 
sponsor.  I manage to mention NAFEX at least 20 times in my online 
permaculture design course without ever giving any suggestion that NAFEX 
endorses the course.  We can of course support our capable members who 
undertake such a project without committing an endorsement.

OK that is all I have to say for now.

Dan Hemenway
Barking Frogs Permaculture Center

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