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[nafex] Re: Fall Transplanting/ Spring Transplanting

My referal to grape cuttings wasn't well thought out (a cutting 
versus a rooted plant), however, I still am wondering about the 
callus issue, and its role in fall planting. If no one has any more 
info on this (I skimmed Rootstocks for Fruit Crops by Rom yesterday 
and they said nothing about it but rather said that it was important 
to have the root surface in correct contact with the soil, which 
happens better in the fall,) then I will probably do some more 
reading and maybe an experiment or two. I would love to get a glass 
pot to grow rootstocks so I could observe the roots.
> The point isn't the size of the roots but their functioning in the 
> location.  By spring, the feeder roots are all in place and the 
plant can 
> draw all the minerals and water needed for budbreak and the spurt 
of spring 
> growth.
> Grapes, I seem to recall, were one of the species that we found 
better for 
> spring planting.
> In addition to the zones you mention (4-6) Massachusetts has areas 
in Zone 7 
> (Cape Cod and some parts of Boston due to to moderating effects of 
the city.) 
>  We found that  the part of the state involved was unrelated to 
success rates 
> for establishment, and that the correct season of planting was the 
> important factor in establishment success.  This doesn't mean that 
it is more 
> important than watering, correct transplanting methods, etc., but 
that these 
> were provided adequatly, for the most part, by each of the groups 
> participating in the Fruition Program.  We did, as I mentioned, 
rate groups 
> for horticultural capability--low medium and high.  Any group could 
> mulberries for example, but only the most capable groups were given 
apples to 
> establish.  And we only offered pears, for one, in the fall, 
whereas grapes, 
> kiwifruit (Actinidia spp.) and peaches were only offered on the 
> distribution list.  
> DH

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