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Re: [nafex] Nafex membership

I enjoy Pomona, but if it were a commercial magazine I probably wouldn't
pay $15 for it.  I joined NAFEX for access to the information, but also
to join the group, and support it.  I've garnered lots of good
information from this group (both on line and on paper).  It also has
given me new dreams.  Maybe someday I'll have lots of land and will be
able to plant all this neat stuff.  For now, I plant a little bit of
lots of plants. (My multi-grafted crab is symptomatic of my plight.)

I don't think NAFEX has offices.  If it's a really nice print, I might
pay your membership fee in exchange for it.

Ginda Fisher

> Larry Stark wrote:
> First of all, I didn't know there was a membership in Nafex for some
> time and secondly, I don't feel I've been on a free ride, more of a
> trip with a whole lots of different personalities with more ideas than
> actual information. It has been interesting and I'll consider joining.
> Would I then receive this coveted "Pomona" mag/paper? I had to drop
> "Harpers" after 15 years and "Veggie Times" after 7 years because the
> new house is eating all my money. Do you think I could barter a print
> for the Nafex offices for a 8 year membership? I have a real nice one
> of an apple tree.
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