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Re: [nafex] Non-members, my two cents.

jhecksel@voyager.net wrote:

> Hi all:
> Personally, I think it is great to have non-members on the list.  At
> least a few will join NAFEX.  We need a constant infusion of new
> people.  I am tickled when somebody new joins the list and they turn out
> to be a ball-of-fire, at least for a while.
> Fruit growing is a fairly isolated hobby.  We are bound to our charges
> for much of the year while we care for them.  Some other hobbies, like
> stamp and coin collecting, are habbies that revolve around shows and
> swap meets.  Not so for fruit growing.  Consequently, the elist medium
> solves a great social need.  It is a wonderful clearinghouse for
> information.  It also helps us be "community"

     My response----------

     Very eloquently put, Joe!!  Likewise I think the list should remain
open, unimpeded and/or free to anyone.
     Also, Greg Miller has done simply an outstanding job since its
     Some recent issues, such as the collective capacity of this list, have
alluded to a NAFEX "Board" decision.
     I strongly encourage those with such intense desires to attend a few
Board meetings, and become involved in the decison making process.

     Wishing you all a great Holiday season, and more importantly, great
anticipation for my favorite, GroundHogs Day which is in honor of my only
living Guru, Ram Baba WoodChukar (vs Pux. Phil of PA----sorry, Jacq!!).

Ed, So. Indiana, Heaven, etc.

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