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[nafex] Reine des pommes / Granny Smith apples

Bonjour Hélène,
Où habitez-vous - près de la ville de Québec?
Reine des pommes : a well known bittersweet French cider apple, also used in England. I would love to test it, but never found a source for it in North America.
Granny Smith : a "French Crab" seedling, a very old French green and hard cooking apple that was introduced in England by the end of 1700's. It seems that Bramley has nothing to do with it.
Claude, Quebec.

A 21:28 00.12.10 -0500, vous avez écrit :
I find your discussion on varieties very interesting.
I imagine Bramley to be a parent of Granny Smith, is that so?
Would you happen to know about Reine des pommes?
Some information would be very appreciated.

H. Dessureault
Québec, Zone 3a