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Re: [nafex] Re: Granny Smith apple origin

Thank you for the info Douglas,
I had imagine that the name was given as you describe. You are referring to Sidney, Australia, no doubt. In Canada, Granny Smith is available in most supermarket throughout the year but it does not grow in most part here as it requires a warmer climate. The apples are usually shipped from New Zealand. I still have not figured out this business of the French Crab and I sent some notes back on the egroup about the Bramley, which was popular in England at about the time we are interested in. Here it is :
In the Tsolum River Fruit Trees nursery catalogue, 1992, there is a :
Bramley Seedling, Nottinghamshire, 1805, large greenish yellow, red flush and stripes. Firm, juicy, acid, high in Vitamine C, Famous cooking apple. Stores Oct. to April. Scab resistant, Tip bearer, Triploid.
In Pointe du Moulin nursery catalogue, 1996, from Montréal :
Bramley, England, 1810, very large green apple, excellent for pies and cider, vigorous, heavy bearer, blooms late, survive frost, resistant to scab and mildew, triploid.
I happen to know that the Bramley is still is popular in England. Maybe IT comes from the French Crab?
H. Dessureault 
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An article in an early Pomona reprinted in one of the "Pomona in
Reviews" stated that the cultiver Mrs. Smith of Sydney bought, from
the seed of which Granny Smith grew, was the old English
cultivar "French Crab" which is still in existence; I think that
Bultitude's book lists it. It is apparently well thought of by some
who know it.

Douglas Woodard

--- In nafex@egroups.com, "H. Dessureault" <inter.verbis@a...> wrote:
> Hi,
> I find your discussion on varieties very interesting.
> I imagine Bramley to be a parent of Granny Smith, is that so?
> Would you happen to know about Reine des pommes?
> Some information would be very appreciated.
> H. Dessureault
> Québec, Zone 3a

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