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[nafex] In regards to memberships.

To All
   I have who I consider a friend that is also on the nafex egroups that I 
would like to say something about.
   I belong to MNGA (Michigan Nut Growers Assn) I found out that this friend 
dropped his subscription because at the time money was needed for family 
etc. So then some years later he wanted to rejoin. He was told that he would 
have to pay for the years in between.
   I brought this to attention at the next meeting. I said that we are 
trying to always find ways to get new members and if this was in the 
provisions it should be struck from them. Every one agreed with me. I also 
told this friend, but he still does not come to the meetings. We always 
allow anyone to attend meetings for free if they wish. They just don't get 
the quarterly issues.
   Any how, come back (J--)

            Gordon C. Nofs
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