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[nafex] NAFEX Handbook

Tom Booth wrote concerning the status of the NAFEX Handbook.  For those who
have not seen it, it is a very nice publication outlining the origens of
NAFEX and some surprisingly detailed information on grafting techniques and
general pomology.  It was originally given out free to new members, and that
is how I obtained my copy.  It had joint copywrite status with the author
and NAFEX.

As Tom mentions, in 1998, Mr. Fishman sent a nine-page proposal for a
suggested revision of the handbook to NAFEX.  This was taken up at the
Annual Meeting when Ed Fackler was the President of NAFEX.  As I interpreted
his proposal (without knowing Mr.Fishman or the background of the handbook),
he wanted complete control of the effort, an unspecified budget from NAFEX,
personal royalties of $1.00/copy, paid in advance, as well as other
concessions.  On the other hand, "NAFEX would be responsible for production
and printing esxpenses - as well as distribution." The suggested price would
be $15.00.  Mr. Fishman even suggested that "the annual dues may need to be
carefully adjusted" as part of this effort.

Without trying to stir up negative feelings, my initial take on the proposal
was that Mr. Fishman wanted to write a book and have NAFEX pay for it.  The
board turned down the proposal and I believe he was notified.

At a more recent meeting we sought a different tack, simply to get
permission from Mr. Fishman to reprint the original version on the web site.
David Ullmer, our webmaster, was the contact person.  I still believe that
with all the talent we have available in the organization, we could write
our own, multiauthored text which would serve the same service.

                                 Regards, Ethan

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