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Re: [nafex] Fw: Beta Grapes

Title: Re: [nafex] Fw: Beta Grapes
This lady should go to a library and look at the picture of grape flowers in something like General Viticulture.  That would answer the question in a hurry as to what she has.  As to why they aren't developing, it could be too much nitrogen, not enough potassium, botrytis (if it was very cool and wet at bloom time), insects eating the blossoms/young grapes off, or??
-Lon Rombough
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From: "Helga and Bert Dunn" <helbert@idirect.com>
To: "Greg Miller" <nafex@egroups.com>
Subject: [nafex] Fw: Beta Grapes
Date: Sun, Dec 17, 2000, 9:46 AM

Hello all,
Please give an answer to this lady's  problem. She lives about 100 miles N of the Peace River area of Alberta- a very cold area in winter.         Many thanks           Bert

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I am sorry if I confused you with the term fragrant blossoms. I must make 2 corrections. First of all, the term fragrant blossoms refers to my Beta grapes, not the Valiant grapes as the Valiant are only 2 years old. Second, rather than fragrant blossoms, I should have said miniature clusters of grapes. What they appear to be are tiny grapes, about the size of a pin head each, which are close together and resemble clusters of grapes. Are they, perhaps, actual grapes not blossoms? If so, how can I get them to grow into regular sized grapes? They are very tiny, smell lovely, are green in color, and then simply shrivel up. I wonder if the soil I'm using is correct to produce normal sized grapes? Any suggestions you can give me would be very much appreciated! Connie

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