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Re: [nafex] Hardy Apricots

Hello John,
I think I heard about this orchard. This is St-Andre de Kamouraska, isn't
it? On the South shore of St-Lawrence River, by Riviere-du-Loup.

All this area on the South Shore, La Pocatiere, Kamouraska, was a famous
place to grow plums at the turn of the XX century. I have seen books
written in the beginning of the 1900' mentioning dozens of European plums
successfully grown in this area - and this is zone 4... I understand there
is something to do with the soil which is particularely favorable. There
would be quite a bit of old variety seeking to do out there.

I know the yellow Damas, it has the same shape and size than the blue Damas
(like a very small Italian) - my father used to call them "Gosses de
moines". The one I have is really round like a Mirabelle or a Reine-Claude.
It produced a few plums for the first time last year, so I don't know it
much yet. I bought this tree as a sucker under the name White plum (Prunier
blanc). It does winter kill a little bit on test winters, but not much and
comes back with good vigour.


A 10:20 00.12.18 -0800, vous avez écrit :
>Do you know about Maison de la Prune in Saint Andre?  They have an 
>orchard of Damas Bleu and a yellow Damas plum -I can't recall the name. 
>Maybe it's the one you can't identify.  They have a very nice orchard of 
>over 1000 trees.
>John Bunker

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